100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

This article presents a list of 100 easy and basic general knowledge questions and answers in English. They cover a variety of topics and are suitable for people of all ages and levels of education. The questions are meant to be a fun way to test your knowledge or use them in a quiz contest.

Each question is followed by a clear and concise answer that provides additional information about the topic. From history to geography, science to pop culture, this article contains a wide range of questions that are sure to keep you engaged and learning.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

To further enhance your knowledge, the article provides tips on how to remember certain concepts and facts. These pointers can help you to understand and recall information in a more effective manner.

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Pro Tip: Reading this article is a great way to expand your general knowledge and brainstorm different topics for a trivia game with family or friends.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

“History might be written by winners, but it’s definitely not remembered by most of us.”

History– 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

People often wonder about the past. Who built the Great Pyramid of Giza? When was the first computer invented? History helps answer these questions. It’s the study of events and human endeavors to understand the present. It also teaches us about our cultural heritage and its connection to today.

In the past, cave paintings and rock carvings were used to communicate. Then, historians wrote scripts and books. In modern times, history includes digital documentation like photos and videos. Knowing history helps us learn about other cultures, customs, values, and traditions.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English
100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Fun Fact: The oldest writing system is Sumerian Cuneiform Script. It dates back to 3200 BCE!

Why did the geography teacher get a map tattooed on their back? So they could always have a world at their fingertips!100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English


Geography covers the Earth’s surface, with its different climates and terrains. It looks at landforms, the ocean, forests, and rivers and their effects on us. We must learn it to understand our environment better. It helps us to save and improve our planet. We can use it to predict natural disasters and reduce their consequences.

By studying Geography, we can recognize the differences between cultures, religions, and beliefs. Anthropology is related to Geography and helps us to understand how societies have developed over time.

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The Aral Sea, between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, was huge a few decades ago. But, people diverted its water for irrigation. Now, only a third of it is left. This shows that human actions can cause big environmental changes that we must prevent.

Science may explain a lot, but it can’t tell us why Monday mornings are still so awful!11520 Education


Science is fascinating! Physics looks at matter, energy, and how they interact. Chemistry studies substances and what they do. Biology looks at living creatures and their activities. Astronomy is all about space and stars. And Geology examines the Earth’s makeup and structure.

Physics helps create modern technology. Chemistry makes medicines for us to survive. Biology aids in conservation projects. Social sciences like psychology are also part of science since research and experiments can be done. Famous scientists such as Galileo Galilei have made incredible discoveries – he saw that planets orbit the sun!

Science affects us all. It encourages us to think and question theories, by using scientific methods. It’s amazing! Plus, watching sports is like paying to see millionaires play with balls…but at least we can yell at the TV without getting in trouble!


Sports can be hugely beneficial! Physically, they can improve cardiovascular health, build muscle strength, and maintain a healthy weight. Mentally, they can reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and lower the risk of depression. Plus, they can teach key values like discipline and perseverance.

Moreover, sports are accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability level. Adaptive sports let people with disabilities join in on the fun. For those looking to improve their sports skills, focusing on nutrition, cross-training exercises, and consistent practice is key. Don’t forget to rest and recover too, to prevent injury and optimize performance.

Literature – 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Literary Works!

Focus on literary masterpieces from around the world. Check out genres like historical fiction, romance, science fiction, and non-fiction.

Learn about authors like Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, and Virginia Woolf. Their styles, themes, and techniques made them famous!

Explore the histories of literary awards, like the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Don’t miss out on our literature section! It’s full of interesting items – you’ll be charmed!


Exploring the world of sounds and melodies, this segment covers various aspects of auditory artistry. From classic to modern-day hits, music has been part of mankind’s cultural heritage for centuries! Here are some significant aspects related to this art form:

  • Music can be traced back to prehistoric times when it was created using primitive tools and objects.
  • It serves many purposes – therapeutic healing, entertainment, cultural expression, or worship.
  • Different genres include rock, pop, jazz, classical, hip-hop, etc.
  • Singers and musicians use instruments such as guitars, drums, keyboards, pianos, etc.
  • The music industry has songwriters, producers, sound engineers, and more, who collaborate to create unique sounds.
  • Music has the power to bring people together and evoke powerful emotions.

Besides being a part of our daily lives, music has a history intertwined with religion & war. It was used in religious ceremonies by ancient Egyptians, but banned by the Taliban. Music can be an instrument of unity or division.

A great example is Vedran Smailović, a cellist from Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. He played amidst the fighting to remember those who died. His artistic expression gained international recognition, despite the risk he faced.

What do you call a movie about a pizza that keeps getting stolen? ‘The Yeast of Us.’


Movies have transformed significantly over the years, from silent films to the talkies. A variety of genres are available, such as action, adventure, comedy, drama, horror, and romance. James Cameron’s Avatar is the highest-grossing movie of all time, grossing over $2.8 billion worldwide.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Hollywood is renowned for producing about 1000 movies annually. The most prestigious award ceremony for filmmakers is the Academy Awards (Oscars).

Movies entertain and provide insight into various cultures and societal issues. They offer expansive landscapes and scenic views. Independent films and foreign language films provide unique perspectives on universal themes and compelling stories. Watching movies can immerse you in diverse cinematic experiences and broaden your worldview. Art is vital for culture, without it, it can be stifling.

Art and Culture -100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Creativity and Human Expression define this area. It’s the world of art and culture, where you can explore both classical and modern aesthetics. Musical scores, literature, paintings, sculptures – it has it all! Art and Culture take us back to historical times and up to the present. They tell us tales of human experiences, which stay true through time and space.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Look closer, and you’ll see that Art and Culture are products of human evolution. It showcases our diverse ethnicities and their histories, shaping our artistic expressions. There are many genres in art – realism, abstract – each with its own story, touching on something universal to humans. Films, live performances, and more – art lets us see our reality in different ways.

Vincent van Gogh created 900+ paintings! His works helped shape Impressionism. And ‘miscellaneous’ just means ‘I couldn’t think of a better category’.


Check out the “Assorted” section to explore a range of fascinating facts and miscellaneous trivia!

You can:

  • Discover interesting info about the world around us.
  • Learn about weird historical events. 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English
  • Explore facts about countries, cultures, and beliefs from all over the globe.
  • Upgrade your knowledge with random facts to win trivia games or impress your pals.

Plus, this section also covers science, tech, space, and other miscellaneous topics.

To improve your general knowledge, do this:

  • Read non-fiction books to gain insights into different subjects.
  • Play quizzes, puzzles, or games that require critical thinking.
  • Watch documentaries on various channels or streaming services.
  • Socialize with people from different backgrounds to broaden your horizons.
  • 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Ready to impress your friends? Unleash your knowledge with simple answers to easy general knowledge questions!

Easy General Knowledge Answers – 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

General Knowledge Made Easy: Answers to Common Questions

If you’re not a trivia buff, general knowledge questions can be intimidating. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of easy general knowledge questions and answers in English to help you out. From science to pop culture, these questions cover a range of topics that anyone can answer.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

In this article, we’ll explore various easy general knowledge questions and their corresponding answers. Whether you’re looking to impress your friends or simply expand your knowledge, this article has something for you. With concise and informative explanations, you’ll be able to understand each answer without any confusion.

In addition to providing easy-to-digest information, we’ll also share some interesting historical facts related to the topics covered. For instance, did you know that the first-ever recorded Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in 776 BC? Fun facts like this will keep you engaged and entertained while you learn.

100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English
100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of easy general knowledge. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone who wants to improve your trivia skills, this article has something for everyone. History may not always repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme a lot.


Humans have been traveling through time, leaving their mark on the world. History is about politics, religion, war, art, and culture. Studying it helps us make sense of our present and prepare for the future.

300,000 years ago, early humans crossed Africa. Around 10,000 years ago, civilizations emerged in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, and Greece. These societies developed writing and traded goods with each other. In Europe, Christianity spread during the Middle Ages, sparking conflict between states. War and nationalism still shape the world today.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Tawfiq al-Hakim (1898-1987) was an influential Egyptian playwright. His works helped give a true Arab identity during WWII.

History shows us what we have in common and how much we differ from our ancestors. It also reveals how humans have fought for power and resources while building stable societies. Knowing history helps us understand today’s events better.


Exploring our planet’s landscapes, oceans and climate is essential to understanding it. Geography helps us understand the physical features, natural resources, and human populations that shape the world. And, it helps us comprehend how geographical factors integrate with political systems, trade routes, and technological advancements.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Furthermore, geography can provide context for global issues like climate change, deforestation, and pollution. It can help create strategies to address these concerns and preserve the planet for future generations.Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023

Geography also offers career opportunities like urban planning, environmental conservation, international relations, and tourism. Studying geography can put you in a network working towards a sustainable future.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your knowledge! Get new insights and valuable information about various topics that will add value to your life – no degree needed! Just Google ‘How do magnets work?’


Science is an awesome topic that looks at natural phenomena and their laws. It helps us comprehend the world, from minuscule atoms to the enormity of the universe. It comprises a variety of areas, for instance, biology, physics, chemistry, geology, and more.

Scientific findings keep on influencing our understanding of the world. Take genes and biotechnology for instance: we can now change DNA to create new crops that can manage extreme weather or heal genetic issues. Astronomy and astrophysics have taught us about black holes, and comets, and even found new planets outside our solar system.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Science has many advantages but we must also be cautious when working with it. Scientists must stick to ethical standards when doing research as the outcomes might have unexpected impacts on society and the environment. Several scientific advancements came with huge risks like nuclear energy; for instance, Fukushima is a reminder of how essential it is to prioritize security measures while carrying out large-scale technologies.

Science isn’t just an area of study, but rather an extraordinary way of looking at life continually changing what we know. Why did the football coach go to the bank? To get his quarterback!


Games like football, basketball, cricket, and tennis have huge fanbases across the globe due to their competitiveness and fun. Plus, sports events offer athletes a chance to show off their skills, gain rewards, and attract attention. Think Olympics and World Cup!100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Also, it’s worth noting that physical activity brings a lot of benefits. These include better stamina, coordination, mental focus, and reduced chances of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Fun fact: the first record of organized sport dates back to 3000 BCE in Egypt — and it was wrestling!


Literary Works!

Creative imagination and emotional power expressed in writing are called literature. It can be poetry, prose, plays, novels, non-fiction, and more. It’s an art form to share feelings and ideas.100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Authors write pieces of literature with different genres and themes. For example, from Shakespeare’s classic plays to Stephen King’s modern-day novels. Each one is unique in its own style and goal.

You know what? During the British colonization of India, English Literature had a major impact. Authors of the Raj era wrote about cultural conflicts and tensions between India’s traditional culture and Western modernity. This led to many Indian authors writing in English and becoming popular worldwide.

Exploring literature is an amazing adventure. It brings out feelings, ideas, and stories that are worth discovering.


Music: Unravelling the World of Mellifluous Melodies!

Music is a language like no other. It’s been a part of our culture for centuries. Here’s what you need to know:100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

  • Genres – From pop to classical, music covers a range of genres that appeal to different tastes.
  • Instruments – Instruments like piano, guitar, and drums create unique sounds when played.
  • Impact – Music can influence our emotions, and even help with cognitive development.

Fun fact – Mozart’s famous song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was originally called “Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman”.

So go ahead and explore the world of melodic music. Find your personal style and enjoy the diverse artistry it offers.


The movie industry consists of a team of professionals that come together to create a movie. This includes the script, the director, the actors, cinematography, editing, and music production. Movies have a range of genres, like action, adventure, romance, comedy, drama, horror, animation, and more. Each genre has its own unique elements that make for a different viewing experience.

Box office records are an important factor for the success of a film. Some movies have broken records, such as ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’. International Film Festivals also showcase films from different countries, giving viewers a chance to appreciate and understand diverse cultures and languages. Films can even have educational value, as they can serve as a visual representation of history or social issues.

Don’t miss out on discovering new movies to expand your cinematic knowledge. Step out of your comfort zone and explore something new! Remember, art is in the eye of the beholder unless it’s modern art – then it’s like a Rorschach test for your bank account.

Art and Culture -100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Art & Culture is a vast domain, encompassing visual arts, literature, music, dance, and theater. It reflects the values, traditions, and beliefs of communities worldwide. This field has evolved over time, from craft to industry.

Entertainment is now explored and exploited for global consumption, via media like film, TV series, and streaming services. Art and culture remain dynamic, with new ideas, technology trends, and thought processes emerging every day. –100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

Travel is an excellent way to appreciate this field further. Whether you’re into trivia or random facts, general knowledge is sure to make you feel the smartest in the room – unless math is involved!

Miscellaneous 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

This section covers many topics that don’t fit into other categories. Questions can be about anything, from pop culture to geography to history. It’s good to know a lot of things, as you never know what could come up in a conversation.

For instance, did you know the shortest war ever was between Britain and Zanzibar? It lasted only 38 minutes before Zanzibar gave up.

Frequently Asked Questions – 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers in English

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