Study In Australia For Indian Students Information 2023

study in Australia is one of the top study-abroad destinations in the world for Indian students. It will come as no surprise if one in five Indian students you speak to in the population who are planning to study abroad have Australia in mind.

Apart from undesirable circumstances, it remains a first-class destination for Indian students who want to study abroad. Read why study in Australia

The Best Programs in Australia 2023

Students from India come directly to China in terms of the highest number of enrollments in Australian educational institutions. According to the 2020 international student enrollment data, their number was about 150,000. In terms of vocational training courses (VET), Indians constitute the highest pool of applicants entering the country for Study In Australia.

Study In Australia For Indian Students information 2023
Study In Australia For Indian Students information 2023

Most Indian students are inclined towards courses such as business and management degree programs as well as accounting, Healthcare, IT, Hotel Management, and MBA. The Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021 places two Australian institutions in the top 100 list.

These are AGSM at the Business School of the University of New South Wales and the Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne.

The cost of study in Australia in 2023

Among the Anglophone nations (main destinations for Indian students), Australia happens to have one of the most expensive education systems with its tuition fees and the resulting graduation debts.

According to an April 2021 study by Dr. Philip Kirby entitled ‘Degrees of Debt: Funding and Financing for Students in Anglophone Countries’, the average tuition fees at Australian higher education institutions are AU$ 7,900 (INR 40,1190).

In the years since then (as of 2022), a bachelor’s degree can cost somewhere around AUD 20,000, and vocational training programs somewhere between AUD 4,000 and AUD 22,000. Postgraduate and doctoral programs could cost between AUD$10,000 and over AUD $35,000 annually. This is just an estimate. Study In Australia

And, mind you, that’s just the tuition fee. In turn, the cost of living, including food, entertainment, telephone, and travel, varies from place to place. Larger cities have higher expenses and could range from AUD$350 to AUD$900 per week.

The cost of accommodation varies depending on the type of accommodation you prefer (guesthouses/hostels / on-campus / homestay/rental / shared rental/boarding schools).

The cost of study in Australia in Indian Rupees

Bachelor’s Degree INR 10 lakhs Ph.D. Student and Ph.D. Student INR 5 Lakhs to INR 19 lakhs
Vocational Training Courses (VET) INR 2 to 12 lakhs Cost of living (including food, entertainment, telephone, and travel depending on the city) INR 72,000 per month

Study In Australia For Indian Students information 2023
Study In Australia For Indian Students information 2023

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection must ensure that you have enough money to pay for your course fee, travel, and living expenses for you and your accompanying family during your stay in Australia. This annual support income for an Australian education ranges from AU $62,000 to 72,600 (INR 33,50,000 to 39,22,000).

You must attach proof of this income to your visa application. Alternatively, you can even prove that you have sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses by meeting the established financial requirements to obtain a student visa for Australia, and for a single person, it amounts to AU $ 20,290 (INR 11,00,000). (Source)

However, if you are 25 years of age or older and are taking a full-time course as a resident of Australia, you are entitled to financial support from the government in the form of an Austudy. If you are single or a couple without children, you can receive a maximum payment of AU $ 512.50 (INR 27,700) every two weeks.

But if you are a couple with children, you can claim a maximum of AU $ 557.90 (INR 30,150). If you are single and responsible for children, your claim amount can be up to AUD 656 (INR 35,450). As a newly arrived resident, you will have to wait 104 weeks or 2 years to access this scholarship.

Average Salaries After Graduation Study in Australia

According to government statistics, students of Australian universities received an annual starting salary (median) of AU $ 61,470 (INR 33,21,000) in 2021. At the present time, it can also go up to AU $ 70,000 (INR 35,281,63). For postgraduate degrees, it was AU $ 83,760 (INR 45,25,500) and for postgraduate research degrees it was AU $ 88,370 (INR 47,74,500). (Source)

It depends on the type of skills you possess and on your knowledge of English, which is a prerequisite for determining your chances of getting a job after completing your studies. Networking also helps.

Advantages of an Australian education

As in any other country, there are advantages and disadvantages for Indian students who want to study in Australia. In addition to a good international presence, a diverse cultural interaction, and a strong statement for your CV, there are a few other reasons to study in Australia.

The country has a number of high-ranking universities in the world that offer a number of high-quality, popular courses. Foreign students mean a good income for the government, so the latter is very interested in the educational sector of the nation. Therefore, expect good governance for these colleges.

Since Indian students make up a good proportion of foreign students in Australia, universities also tend to do their utmost to attract Indian students to their classrooms. It can be expensive to study in Australia, but then various scholarship opportunities are offered that can reduce the financial burden.

Your student visa also allows you to work part-time and earn from $25 to $30 per hour (close to INR 1200 to INR 1500), depending on what kind of job you are in (read Blue Collar Jobs). You can also work full-time during the holidays and earn a little more. This extra money can help you save and to some extent take care of your living expenses as well. Study In Australia

The government provides work visas here for international students after graduation. After completing their university studies, students can gain practical work experience here by working full-time for a period of 18 months to four years. You can also apply for permanent residence.

It is a beautiful country, so you can take a break from time to time and travel to all the beach destinations that Australia is so famous for. The country has a strong presence in the Asian community, so you will not miss speaking your native language or eating familiar food.

And there are also the disadvantages

First of all, safety. Indian students were on the receiving end of some racist and anti-social elements. It is important to stay away from crime-prone areas of the city where you are staying, not to travel alone late at night, and to be accompanied by friends when traveling alone at night.

Study In Australia For Indian Students Information 2023
Study In Australia For Indian Students Information 2023

It is expensive for an Indian student to live a life in Australia. Make sure that you can only manage your expenses with part-time work.

Since the government allows working 20 hours a week while studying, students need to be aware that the national minimum wage for adults in Australia is AU$ 20.33 per hour, but some students end up getting much less or nothing at all. Be aware of your rights.

As in any part of the world, including India, there are people who run fake institutes or those who offer a below-average education and charge high fees to international students. One must beware of such dubious institutes and choose to Study In Australia in institutes approved by the Australian government. The Indian Embassy in Australia can be of great help here.

Australian culture is dramatically different from Indian, with more emphasis on independence and gender equality. It can be a shock to some, so it is advisable to do some research on it beforehand.

The information in this article is just to give you an overview of what to expect if you decide to study in Australia. Check the official websites of some colleges for more accurate data. Study In Australia

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