Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023

Tips for preparing for FORMAL CONVERSATION talks-in order to be a good speaker, a speaker must prepare himself as well as possible. This preparation involves the preparation of the subject matter to be taken and several matters related to the completeness of the discussion material.

Determine The Topic Of Discussion. The theme of the discussion is one of the supporters of the effectiveness of speech.

Determining the theme of this conversation is the first activity done. Defining the theme means determining what will be the subject of discussion.

Formal Conversation Topics – 2023

Themes are obtained from various sources, namely experience, observation, opinion, reasoning, and dreams. Scientific themes come from experience, judgment, and reasoning. In determining the theme, especially in scientific discussions, there are many things that need to be taken into account :

  • The topic taken should be interesting to talk about. An interesting theme will cause excitement in the speech. This kind of thing is also capital to attract listeners. The choice of an interesting theme is the main capital in the success of the speech. This is going to be more interesting when :
  • is an issue that concerns concurrent problems ;
  • is a way out of a problem that is being faced ;
  • contains a conflict of opinion ;
  • not beyond the capture of the listener, otherwise not too easy to capture the intellectual power of the listener ;
  • the problem discussed should be done within the time prepared. Formal Conversation
Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023

Don’t go too broad and don’t go too narrow. A limited theme will make it easier for us to find information until the problem can be really mastered and this kind of thing will foster confidence in the speaker.

  • The topics discussed should benefit the listener, either to raise knowledge and knowledge or related to the profession. Formal Conversation
  • The topic taken should have been known a little and there is the possibility of obtaining material.
  • Do not take a theme that is not in the know. Talk about a theme that is well known, so that it can stimulate the listener.

If a theme is found, as described above, it should be restricted. Themes that are too broad no longer give us the opportunity to discuss them in depth, especially when talking is limited. On the other hand, a theme that is too narrow will be very special and of little benefit to the listener, unless the intention is just to report something.

Formal Conversation Therefore, from the beginning, the theme must have been limited. How to limit the themes taken? This kind of thing will be easier if we have experience in writing. However, if we do not have experience, or for beginners, use a tree diagram or clock diagram to obtain a limited theme, especially in scientific discussions.

The Diagram will help us narrow down the scope of the theme and show clearly the location of the theme taken, and the relationship with other topics, both of which are equally limited, or more general in nature. Need to know, for example, the diagram above is not based on logical division or a specific system. This is just one of the steps to limit the themes taken. It is certainly possible to use other steps that are considered better.

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Ensure The Purpose, Materials, And Framework – Formal Conversation

Ensuring intent: limiting the theme by itself has not limited the intent of the conversation. Therefore, the meaning must also be formulated. This formulation of intent will provide an overall description or plan to direct the speaker in ensuring or determining the appropriate material. Our awareness will mean throughout the discussion system, Formal Conversation will protect the integrity of the discussion. The discussion is no longer about things that are not related to the topic.

Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023
Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023

This intent can be expressed in two steps. If the speaker wants to improve the idea called the theme of all the discussion, this goal is expressed in the form of a thesis in this kind of case the speaker improves the idea taken by way of mastering. The thesis will help ensure the sequence of studies and the material or materials needed. In order to be efficient, one thesis should be limited, complete, and fit. A limited thesis will show the approach taken in the study afterward. Formal Conversation

Gathering materials: Formal Conversation

when the intention has been formulated, the work after that is to find the materials or materials needed. What is called Material is all the information or data needed to achieve a goal. The material may be examples, comparisons, history of the problem, facts, causal relationships, testing or proof, figures, excerpts, etc. that can help develop ideas. Most of this writing can be obtained from two main sources, namely inference, and experience. Study in Austria for International Student Free 2023

Inference is a summary of values obtained from experience. That inference will then be part of the experience and will probably be the basis for drawing new inferences. Experience is all knowledge gained through imlrawi perception. This experience may stem from an immediate assessment, from a reading, or from a study of the literature. In order to use that resource in a good way, it takes practice.

Materials obtained from the experience of adapting are used for basic inference. This inference has the content of elements of subjective thinking so, is a personal work according to the original material. Inference can also be obtained through analysis or synthesis.

The analysis is a system of decomposition of a thing into parts, while synthesis is a system of recombination of separate parts into a new roundness. Inference can also be obtained through analogy, namely by looking at the equations that exist in something that has been known and something new. In other words, draw a summary as well as a special mark according to the truth.

The special signs have been known or received. In addition to immediate assessment, the main source of material is automatic assessment, that is, through reading. The system that takes place in this assessment is more complex. When reading, We will meet with two types of judgments, namely the assessment of the author (Author) and our own assessment.

We are also dealing with two inferences, namely the inference of the Author according to his experience, and the inference that we do according to the reading. The main thing here is how to respond to the reading. The response may be in the form of interpretation if given meaning to the reading, or in the form of criticism when given an assessment.

Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023
Tips For Preparing For A Formal Conversation 2023

Criticism or interpretation of both we get through reading. Both are our impressions of the Observer as well as how we respond to them. Because both criticism and interpretation are subjective, both must be strictly according to the reading text. Formal Conversation

Info cards: some materials obtained from various sources, should be recorded in the info cards. This info card is better made from paper that is rather not thin. The size depends on our consideration, generally 10 x 15, or 8×12 cm. In this card is listed the info as well as the source of the info. If the source is a book, include the author, book title, publisher data, pages, snippets, or notes. Information obtained from reading can be written in the form :

  • quote, When we copy from the book exactly as the original,
  • paraphrase when we re-reveal the author’s intention in his own words. Formal Conversation

Summary When We Summarize What We Read. – Formal Conversation

  • evaluation or explanation, when we deliver a response to the idea put forward by the author. Formal Conversation

This kind of thing can be studied more deeply in writing textbooks, because in principle the preparation of writing with the same talk, especially in scientific discussions that require preparation in the form of writing, for example in the form of papers. Discussions that do not use paper also require preparation as above in this kind of case, info cards can help us remind the material being discussed, for example in discussions.

Creating a Skeleton: Formal Conversation

the final step in this preparation step is to create a skeleton. In this case, the purpose and writing material also ensure its form. Creating a framework means breaking the theme down into subtopics and perhaps afterward into smaller sub-subtopics. Formal Conversation Before when making a more detailed skeleton, we can make a rough skeleton. Then just think about the details. This framework is the basis for us to talk so that we can talk in a systematic way.

If a conversation requires preparation by recording, for example in the form of a paper, then this framework is the same as writing. Formal Conversation So basic framework for writers or speakers. Therefore there is a framework of conversation that will be measured and arranged in a systematic way. Especially for moderators in the briefing.

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