UK Education work hour limit during studies 2023

By | January 31, 2023

Stay informed on the latest UK Education policy changes in the UK and how it affects work-hour limits for students. Discover valuable insights now.

The UK government is considering increasing the number of hours international students can work during their studies to fill job vacancies across the country. UK Education In surprising news, ministers are considering extending the work hour limit from 20 hours per week, with the government debating whether to increase the limit to 30 hours or to completely abolish it, according to a report from The Times.

UK Education Policy Changes: The Impact on Work Hour Limits During Studies

The idea aligns closely with policies in Australia and Canada and comes as the Prime Minister focuses on ensuring economic growth. UK Education

UK Education work hour limit during studies
UK Education work hour limit during studies

In a clear clash of policy priorities, this news was announced in the same week that it was reported that Home Secretary Suella Braverman is promoting plans to reduce the Graduate Route visa from its current two years to six months of post-study work. Regarding extended work rights, one source told The Times that ministers are considering “what more we can do to remove barriers and encourage students to work” as part of a range of ideas being considered to tackle rising job vacancies.

The United Kingdom is facing a shortage of workers, exacerbated by Brexit and higher levels of economic inactivity after the pandemic.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has signaled his intention to strengthen the workforce in order to help combat inflation as high vacancy levels drive up wages.

What more we can do to remove barriers and encourage students to work

UK Government Debates Changes to Work Hours and Graduate Route Visas- UK Education

In a surprise move, the UK government is considering extending the maximum work hours for students from 20 to 30 hours per week, or even removing the limit altogether. The proposal is in line with policies in Australia and Canada and is part of the government’s efforts to increase economic growth.

However, this move is at odds with home secretary Suella Braverman’s plans to reduce the graduate route visa from two years to just six months of post-study work. The graduate route visa reduction has received criticism from university stakeholders, as well as some members of Braverman’s party.

The UK is facing a shortage of workers, exacerbated by Brexit and a rise in economic inactivity following the COVID-19 pandemic. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is looking to boost the workforce to tackle inflation caused by high vacancy levels driving up wages.

A spokesperson from the department for work and pensions stated that they are “considering a range of factors to address inactivity.” No further details were given, and they noted that they wouldn’t comment on speculation before the completion of the Workforce Participation review.

UK Education work hour limit during studies 2023
UK Education work hour limit during studies 2023

The department for education and the department for international trade are believed to be against Braverman’s proposal to reduce the post-study work visa. Former home secretary Priti Patel expressed support for the graduate route, calling herself a “great believer” in the scheme.

Reducing the length of the graduate route visa has also been criticized by university leaders. Tim Bradshaw, CEO of the Russell Group, called the government’s “mixed messages” a “short-sightedness” that is “already deterring students from countries like India.

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” Jamie Arrowsmith, Director of Universities UK International, expressed concern that longer work hours for international students could negatively impact their well-being and learning experience. He advised the government to maintain a competitive post-study work offer and recommit to the graduate route.

The APPG for international students wrote to ministers last week, urging them to maximize the potential of the UK’s education exports sector. UK Education The Home Office must play a key role in ensuring the UK’s student visa system remains competitive, they noted.

Braverman is believed to be cautious of any measures that could make student visas more attractive internationally. The Home Office could use the proposal to extend work hours as a bargaining chip to reduce international student numbers.

UK Education – Conclusion

The UK government’s proposals to extend student work hours and reduce the graduate route visa have received mixed reactions. While some see this as a step towards addressing the worker shortage and boosting economic growth, others are concerned about the impact on international students and the UK’s reputation as a top study destination.

It remains to be seen how the government will balance these conflicting policy priorities in the future.

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